• However, I will say that this stage of DeFi is almost the same as the dot com boom in the late 90s.
    back then when google was just born in the world, right
    If you comparing to this day, google is just everything.

So what is WardenSwap???

WardenSwap Case Study

Community is about ownership

What is a community?

Let’s identify 3 types of stakeholders:

  • Users — those who utilize a network for its intended…

  • Tuy nhiên, tôi sẽ nói rằng giai đoạn này của DeFi gần giống như giai đoạn bùng nổ dot com vào cuối những năm 90.
    hồi đó khi google mới ra đời đúng không
    Nếu bạn so sánh với ngày nay, google chỉ là tất cả.

$WAD, Warden token, WardenSwap tokenomics
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Today, let’s talk about #WardenSwap tokenomics and the rewards they will give us.

What is $WAD (Warden token) used for?

The answer is for governance.

How will Warden release and distribute?

Hey, guys welcome to Warden DeFi channel!

WardenSwap Roadmap, 2021, The Master Plan

What will they do in the future?

🚀 Q1 Achievements

  • First DEX Aggregator with machine learning on Smart Contract
  • Grow WardenSwap ecosystem
  • SDK
  • Expand your business to B2B

What makes what WardenSwap different on Ethereum?

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WardenSwap Official Team:

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What will be the benefit for tokens holders?

WardenSwap Official Team:



What about the fee collector?

WardenSwap Official Team:

What makes WardenSwap different?

WardenSwap is a DEX aggregator! Not just a DeFi platform.

How can WardenSwap get the Best Rate?

What if WardenSwap expands to Polygon and Ethereum, what will happen? Find out, HERE!

1. Higher trading volume and users

  • Ethereum: $53.71 Billion
  • Binance Smart Chain: $14.41 Billion
  • Polygon: $4.56 Billion
  • Solana: $945.63 Million
  • 73.625

Warden DeFi

Sharing community for Wardeners all over the world.

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