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WardenSwap Case Study

Community is about ownership

What is a community?

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$WAD, Warden token, WardenSwap tokenomics
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Today, let’s talk about #WardenSwap tokenomics and the rewards they will give us.

What is $WAD (Warden token) used for?

The answer is for governance.

Warden token ($WAD) holders can influence decisions concerning the projects such as proposing or deciding on new features proposals.
Even changing their governance system itself.

Hey, guys welcome to Warden DeFi channel!

Let’s summarize WardenSwap Roadmap (The master plan) so far.
For full roadmap, click HERE.

WardenSwap Roadmap, 2021, The Master Plan

What will they do in the future?

🚀 Q1 Achievements

  • First DEX Aggregator with machine learning on Smart Contract
  • Grow WardenSwap ecosystem
  • SDK
  • Expand…

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What will be the benefit for tokens holders?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Sure! So if you hold 100 WAD tokens, there will be NO trading fee! …


What about the fee collector?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Sure! absolutely.
So the fee collector is something that we reserve for what we will use to grow the ecosystem

What makes WardenSwap different?

WardenSwap is a DEX aggregator! Not just a DeFi platform.

Warden DeFi

Sharing community for Wardeners all over the world.

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