How Much Do You Have to Pay When Farming on WardenSwap [REVIEW]

Hey thereee 👽👽👽 WARDENers!

Okay, let’s get started with the 3 steps of doing farming.
1. Have token pairs ( 2 tokens with almost the same amount of value)
2. Add liquidity
3. Deposit (do farming on any platform)

Needless to say, in each step, there will be a GAS fee in order to do any transaction, and WardenSwap is no exception.

WardenSwap is a best-rate search engine protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). One of the coolest things about being on BSC is the cheap gas fee.

BUT the better thing is you don’t have to pay any fee if you hold more than 100 WAD tokens.


The reason why we have to pay gas fee is the data will be recorded in the blockchain, and all gas fee will be divided to all miners and node validators.

Gas fee, mostly, is the fixed cost. = The more you do any transactions, the higher you have to pay.

But yeah let’s see how much do you actually have to pay for farming on WardenSwap?

To sum up,

  1. Token Pairs In order to have token pairs,

you can use Warden Best-rate swap here. So take advantage of this service! Unlock token = 0.00022203 BNB ($0.07)
Swap token = FREE! (0.1% if not holding 100 WADs)
*There will be BSC Network fee = 0.001864585 BNB ($0.58)

2. Add Liquidity Approve WAD = 0.00022191 BNB ($0.07)
Add WAD-BNB LP = 0.000868215 BNB ($0.25)

3. Deposit Farming = 0.000611045 BNB ($0.18)

and that’s all you need to know to start farming on WardenSwap! Hope this will be helpful for all!

To sum up

Farming on WardenSwap fee is approximate $1.15 on BSC.

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