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Today, let’s talk about #WardenSwap tokenomics and the rewards they will give us.

What is $WAD (Warden token) used for?

The answer is for governance.

Warden token ($WAD) holders can influence decisions concerning the projects such as proposing or deciding on new features proposals.
Even changing their governance system itself.

In the initial phase,
governance decisions will be made on snapshots.

Then, Warden token ($WAD) holders will decide in the future.

How will Warden release and distribute?

Warden token or $WAD tokens will be gradually released to liquidity pools according to their respective rewards multiplier.

so for early farmers called “Early WARDENers” will be rewarded in terms of initial $WAD per block release and the initial release schedule is

In total there will be around 272 million $WAD tokens.

The remaining tokens are reserved for the future and prevents whale holders who have too many $WAD tokens.

It’s better for the overall market and $WAD holders

Next is trading fees.

WardenSwap Best Rate platform applies 0.1% fee

However, it’s totally FREE if you hold $WAD at least 100 tokens.

  • The trading fee will go to the platform that swap the tokens for you.

Next, the pool fee.

Warden pools apply a 0.3% fee which will be deducted from your original money.

  • 0.25% will go to liquidity providers
  • 0.05% percent will be converted to $WAD tokens and given to $WAD holders for earn and burn programs.

The next thing is “Rewards”

the things that you will get if you farm on WardenSwap.

When you farm on WardenSwap, you will get

  • FREE $WAD earns
  • 0.25% which is higher than APR% showing on the website!

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