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Jul 27, 2021

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WardenSwap Uses Our Fee For What?

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Warden DeFi proudly present Voice AMA in Thailand with WardenSwap Team


What about the fee collector?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Sure! absolutely.
So the fee collector is something that we reserve for what we will use to grow the ecosystem

And whether it might be in terms of marketing, partner up with marketing agencies or YouTubers or whether it’s hiring team members to help once we test the Ethereum market and see what the market is like.

To know What we need and what it takes to be the best rate swap on Ethereum !

What infrastructure we will use to make sure that we get the best prices
and to get the best data from different nodes to make sure that we become the best rate swap and so these are the budget that we are going to use from the fee collector to grow our ecosystem and to grow adoption of WardenSwap into different blockchain

In the business and in the real world for today,
If the company has profit enough, they will payback to the holders.
I know now you’re focusing on expanding business

What about in the future?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Got it so uh…
When we become the best rate algorithm that people think of, WardenSwap as google for trading people come to swap on WardenSwap.
So imagine now where google is, The top five companies market cap in the world and everyone knows of google.

Once we get there then, there will be a fee that is generated in the fee collector. We will pay back the income that we generated for being a profitable algorithm and platform and protocol at one point in time, of course, we’ll consider it.

What is the gas fee is for?

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