What is the “Swap Failed EstimateGas error for method trade” and why does it happen on WardenSwap?

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There are so many questions about notifications alert “Swap Failed EstimateGas error for method trade” which could be occurred by so many factors i.e., insufficient gas fee.

Picture Cr.: https://blockocean.medium.com/

So, the answers are varied depending on each situation as follows:

1. Just click Unlock Token button on a mobile phone or PC, then paying a gas fee.

2. It can be caused by gas fee limitation, so you have to increase the gas limit or reduce the amount of a swap.

3. Sometimes, when the market fluctuates or has a high amount of selling, slippage can occur. Slippage happens when the price of the swap goes outside of the allowed slippage set (typically 2–3%). It will fail to prevent you from seeing a huge variance when completed.
If your swap fails, you can retry the swap, but this time click “advanced options” and then increase the price slippage or just simply waiting for it to finish processing.

4. Also, when there is a high volume of the swap, it’s recommended to reduce the amount to 3000 USD leading to less price impact.

5. It could happen as an insufficient gas fee (BNB), so you only need to increase the amount of BNB.

6. According to the picture, you can notice that there’re notifications 1–3 on the top of the Metamask window, cancel all requests and try again.

Picture Cr.: https://blockocean.medium.com/

Hope this will be helpful for those who want to get started with DeFi!

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