What is WardenSwap? Why do you have to use it?

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So today I’m going to tell you what WardenSwap is…

People are talking about DeFi or Decentralized Finance a lot!

There are more and more DEXs or Decentralized Exchange

  • However, I will say that this stage of DeFi is almost the same as the dot com boom in the late 90s.
    back then when google was just born in the world, right
    If you comparing to this day, google is just everything.

That is what makes google and WardenSwap the same.

So what is WardenSwap???

WardenSwap is the digital asset exchange platform using blockchain technology.

[Now, it expands to Polygon (MATIC)Network and ETH soon.]

It was designed and intentionally created to be the best search engine for DeFi.
It aggregates all data, compares, and brings the best rate for you with the algorithm!

No more wasting time compared to other websites!

What’s next?

WardenSwap is not only the real-time best price for you but also swaps your source tokens to your desired tokens instantly.

Just like when you find the best rate and book the hotel from Agoda.
WardenSwap can also exchange your token with just a click!

Besides, you can take a deal if other pools show an arbitrage opportunity.
So think of WardenSwap as a one-stop service platform with alien technology to

find the best rate, best trading strategies and exchange everything for you!

Sometimes, it’s better to trade or exchange on multiple platforms instead of one single pool because of the high price impact, right?

WardenSwap supports a spilt-routing swap which will divide your tokens into multiple routes and swap them on different pools across all aggregated DEXs simultaneously.
If a user wants to trade BNB into BUSD, WardenSwap can split the trade into two different routes and trade 2 pools or more simultaneously

WardenSwap with Best rate, spilt routing to find the best price for you
WardenSwap with Best rate, spilt routing to find the best price for you

So the bigger the DEXs market grows, the better price one swap will provide!
They will use this alien technology to calculate and find the best rate for you even it means you have to swap in more than 100 pools.

Also, if alien technology sees a way to save more money it will automatically do it for you.

For example, you want to swap BNB into BUSD…

It’s better to swap BNB ➡️ WAD first then swap WAD ➡️ BUSD again.
WardenSwap will convert BNB ➡️ WAD simultaneously without telling you After that they will swap WAD ➡️ BUSD

It means that WardenSwap automatically arbitrates the entire market for you

All this happened on-chain in a single automatic transaction

WardenSwap arbitrates the entire market to find the best rate for swapping tokens
WardenSwap arbitrates the entire market to find the best rate for swapping tokens

It will find the best way for you to save time and save more money!

What about user security?

Before investing anything, that platform should be reliable and trustworthy.
You have to look up audits like CertiK.
WardenSwap’s smart contacts have been audited by CertiK ,one of the best security auditors of Pancakeswap, Binance, BakerySwap, Safepal and other leading exchanges including Coinone, KuCoin, or even Binance.
So you can trust in WardenSwap!
So yeah that’s WardenSwap!

Hope this will be helpful for those who want to start with DeFi or yield farming and yeah see you later! Byeeee~

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