What Will $WAD Holders Get If WardenSwap Expands to Polygon and Ethereum Network.

Hi WARDENers đź‘˝

After WardenSwap officially announces that they will adjust token distribution, they gave us some clues that they will go to the Ethereum Network.
[ https://medium.com/wardenofficial/token-distribution-structure-improvement-ad71309e2fe5 ]

Currently, WardenSwap is on BSC and Polygon (MATIC) Network-Ethereum’s Scaling Solution, trading volume depends on both networks.
Expanding to other networks means a new revenue channel from the trading fees and more users to the platform.

According to The Block Crypto, on July 15, 2021, Gross Value Locked of Smart Contract Platforms

  • Ethereum: $53.71 Billion
  • Binance Smart Chain: $14.41 Billion
  • Polygon: $4.56 Billion
  • Solana: $945.63 Million
  • 73.625

Which can be estimated to 72.95% of ETH, 19.57% of BSC, and 6.19% of Polygon.

Clearly, WardenSwap expanding to Ethereum Network is an undoubtedly potential growth opportunity.

It means that they’re going to be more of Daily Trading Volume resulting from a bigger market with more potential users.

ETH Daily Transactions

Currently, WardenSwap estimated earning is $633,455 (July 15, 2021).
[more info about WardenSwap earning: https://debank.com/profile/0xc146a672c85b408a9a7bc00f74ad567b7684134c?fbclid=IwAR0Bkvuw1GK7kkscOsdXH4CYBvOnWsu_dyplGrnUu0NM6zjeLFokSedc5-M ]

It’s been 120 days (July 12, 2021) since WardenSwap launches with $633,455 in revenue.
We could calculate earnings per year :
(633,455/120) Ă— 365 = $1,926,758

This earning is not included growth rate, other risks, and external factors including the economy, market, key drivers, and substitutions.

  • WardenSwap’s MarketCap : 26,732,521.24
    (price*the overall amount of tokens)
  • PE = MarketCap/Earning
    = 26,732,521.24 / 1,926,758 = 13.8
    (not included rewards from Governance and LP)

the simplest answer is
“The more revenue WardenSwap gains, the higher yields for token holders.”

WAD holders also can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on profits or new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. However, according to https://docs.wardenswap.com/tokenomics/warden-token, in the initial phase, governance decisions will be made on Snapshot by the Warden team.

And WAD holders could be compared as a shareholder of an innovative financial product, best rate swap.

According to the Warden team’s medium, it states that their main focus is to be the universal best-price on-chain DEX aggregator (https://medium.com/wardenofficial/wardenswap-the-master-plan-q2-update-summary-7af998c16406)

This could disrupt the financial system and function just like banks these days!

Plus, WAD tokens are limited to only 320 million tokens even if WardenSwap expands to other networks. The token value would be higher due to limited supply.

Why will this be a game-changing difference?

The SEC has indicated previously that it holds concerns about the stability and security of the cryptocurrency marketplace, with the possibility of theft, fraud and price manipulation ultimately proving to be too risky to allow for proposed ETF products to reach investors. Supporting the bitcoin holdings that back the ETF could be a crucial step in inspiring confidence among regulators.

Why is this related to me as a $WAD holder?

During the introduction of the gold ETF, the price rises due to gaining more trust and confidence among investors. Consequently, when it becomes a bull market, the price and your total asset value are likely to increase while the P/E ratio could be 2 times lower to around 7 if the price bounces back to its original value.

  • More Market Attention and User Base
    More people and institutional investors start investing in cryptocurrency
  • No substitutions: First Machine Learning on Smart Contract
    WardenSwap’s product is the best-rate DEX aggregator that

To sum up, the expansion will affect $WAD holders because…

- Higher trading volume and users is a “Growth Opportunity”.
- More revenue, higher yields for token holders.
- Other Positive External Factors: A Bull market

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