Why Do You Have to Be Warden Token Holders? AMA With WardenSwap Official Team

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What will be the benefit for tokens holders?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Sure! So if you hold 100 WAD tokens, there will be NO trading fee! As long as you hold 100 WADs in your wallet.


And also, in the future, as a token holder, you will be able to vote on the governance. These are the benefits of Warden Token holders at the moment.

What we are focusing on now is basically making sure that we get the best rate algorithm and we’re focusing on Q3 when we go to Ethereum.

We need to make sure that we connect to Liquidity sources. We want to swap and find the best trading strategies for all users.

We want to make sure that machine learning is working properly and grow the ecosystem there.

We haven’t think of anything else other than focusing on Ethereum and make sure that we are the best rate swap on Ethereum.

How do you plan to take care of WAD holders?

WardenSwap Official Team:

Sure! In terms of how we want to take care of, we want to make sure that we have the best product, so the long-term holders will benefit in the long run.

Because, For example, Take a look at Uniswap, they have a very strong and unique product in terms of their DEX

And their coins, $UNI, didn’t come until 2 years later when they rewarded token holders

Eventually, 2 years later, they have governance or DAO for UNI, right?

For UNI to become popular, they focus on their product to make sure that they become the best decentralized exchange where not only ETH pairs but any pairs can be put in liquidity sources.

So we focus on becoming true to our work.

That will take care of the fundamentals and why users will come to use our product to exchange their digital asset

When we become Best Rate Swap, then it’s very easy to grow in terms of Marketing.

We are planning to grow our ecosystem by coming up with WARDEN Ambassador / WARDEN Hero program.

What is WARDEN Ambassador / WARDEN Hero program?

It’s like DeFi Education or University where we want to make sure that we upgrade the community on monthly basis.

And also we want to make sure that those who apply for the WARDEN Hero program are educated and know the WardenSwap products well.

Eventually, you can be an ambassador or someone to help the ecosystem and help other users grow or the WardenSwap platform to different international markets.

Why we are doing this in Thailand?

for WARDEN Hero, we want to make sure that we expand to different heroes in different countries.

That’s why we started forming and testing the Indonesian market to grow through the ecosystem in Indonesia. We want to make sure that we find more heroes in different countries.

To grow WardenSwap platform and ecosystem.

To gain more mass adoption across the international market. Not only in Thailand.

That’s where we’re focusing all time and effort. We really appreciate all the investment as well as the time and effort that all token holders, as well as the community, have had WardenSwap in growing this community to be a very strong community.

💞 We would love to grow together to international markets with you guys.

Warden token holders’ benefit./ privilege
Warden token holders’ benefit./ privilege

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