Why does Wrong Network appear on WardenSwap even though I use the right one and can use other features? — Cache data problem

Hello there, Warderners! 👽

Lately, a few Wardeners face this problem: I can connect certain web pages i.e. Farming and Liquidity, but cannot use the best rate swap feature on Wardenswap. Why is that?

Thanks to the Thai Warden community for informing this problem

Picture Cr.: https://blockocean.medium.com/

Firstly, check your network. Is it Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

If not, just change to BSC network by going to ‘setting’ at Metamask, choose Binance Smart Chain.

If you already choose the BSC network, but still cannot connect fully, go to history at the google chrome menu or press CTRL + H. Then, choose clear browsing data as this picture below:

After choosing clear browsing data, select clear data. Then, restart your computer and try again.

Thanks to Mr. Saran Chieowanit and Dr.prupop from Warden Thailand: https://t.me/WardenTH for the recommendations.


Hope this will be helpful for those who want to get started with DeFi!

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