Why is WardenSwap Different from Other Platforms?


What makes WardenSwap different?

Just like Agoda…
If you want to go somewhere, you have to find the best deal of hotels and airlines, right?

🤯 BUT…There are lots of hotels and airlines.
How can you find the best deal? so Agoda, the aggregator happens.

People use Agoda, which is the same as “WardenSwap,” for this reason.

WardenSwap will use their Alien Technology to identify the greatest approach to save you money and gain the maximum benefits for you,

Is it really that good? See yourself!

and that is what makes WardenSwap special!
(Polygon comparison is coming soon!)

WardenSwap v1.5 adds a new feature called Depth Best-Rate Full Path Search. In other words, the new Best-Rate Query Engine will walk through all possible paths and return the best one for you! It is done within a second 🚀

To sum up,
WardenSwap is like a one-stop service platform that can find you the best rate of trading.
We can compare WardenSwap as the Google of trading.

WardenSwap’s Strengths?

With their abilities, its coding is impossible to copy with the first DEX aggregator that includes built-in machine learning on smart contracts.

WardenSwap has a “Secret Algorithm” to find the best possible routes in real-time (This part is not open source) with all Liquidity Providers in all Markets (DEXs).

To become the greatest of all Liquidity Aggregators, WardenSwap creates the algorithm that can NOT be computed!

WardenSwap uses Machine Learning to reduce computation time by saving a lot of Big-O ⚡ (complexity of program).
Every time users trade, their smart contracts learn trading strategies (that come from previous best rate results) in real-time.

The more trading volume, the better price you get

This is your opportunity here. See you at Saturn…

By Panas, the DeFi backpacker

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