Will WardenSwap Be Successful on Ethereum? Factors That Affect!

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There are many big opportunities on Ethereum and WardenSwap’s current stage and plans are

  • First DEX Aggregator with machine learning on Smart Contract
  • Grow WardenSwap ecosystem
  • SDK
  • Expand your business to B2B

What makes what WardenSwap different on Ethereum?

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WardenSwap Official Team:

“Sure! We think that we are different because we found a way to incorporate machine learning into writing it within Smart Contract.

There needs to be a bunch of research putting into work to make sure that the computational costs or the gas fee that could happen from trying to find the best route will not basically break someone’s wallet, right?

You want to make sure that you get Best Rate Swap, as well as you, know to optimize gas fee and so we were able to be the first or one of the first (if not the first ) to have AI on our smart contract and

Now, we have over 7,500 trading strategies that are learned by the machine learning uh in order to get the Best Rates Swap

With AI, it gets smarter when there are more users!

WardenSwap becomes the first DEX Aggregator with machine Learning in the market!

Amazon, for example, became the best e-commerce platform in the world at the moment, but before they get there, they use AI.

Every time you click something on the Amazon website. It captures your data and suggests what you might like and buy next

That’s their secret sauce.

Using the AI helps predict and as well as recommend something that you might buy next.

That’s why Amazon was able to grow very quickly!

So we see we see the same effect that may happen to WardenSwap as long as we’re the first to the market users use our swap and we came up with more trading strategy on Ethereum eventually

Then before any DEX aggregator catches up, we’re the first in the market and people swap with us. WardenSwap becomes smarter and smarter and we continue to get the better rate

That’s why we want to expand to the most active blockchain which is Ethereum and grow our web ecosystem into the Best Rate Swap.

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